McBride and District Hospital and Health Centre

Address: 1136 - 5th Avenue, McBride, BC V0J2E0
Telephone: (250) 569-2251

  • Doctor's Office
  • Emergency services
  • Lab and Diagnostic Imaging
  • Physiotherapy
  • Acute and long-term care services
  • Mental Health and Addictions Counselling
    • Treatment referrals, outreach psychiatrist
    • Geriatric outreach team
  • Public Health
    • Immunization
    • Speech, physiotherapy, occupational therapy referrals
    • Hearing, vision services ages 3-18, Success by 6
    • Prenatal Registry Program
    • Flouride Varnish Program

Robson Valley IDA Pharmacy

Address: 1136 5th Avenue, McBride, BC V0J2E0
Telephone: (250) 569-8811

  • Telepharmacy
  • Prescription services
  • Glucose metering counselling
  • Support stocking fitting
  • Hemocode testing

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