Public Works

The Village of McBride is responsible for providing a range of services to the community including water treatment, sewage treatment, solid waste collection, and road maintenance. The Municipality also manages and maintains a number public spaces within the community such as parks and trails and municipal owned buildings.


Total system capacity:  1000 m3 per day

Average actual useage:  400 m3 per day

For further information please refer to the
Water Bylaw

Annual Water Report

Sanitary Sewer

The Village's four-cell sewer system is one of the first environmentally friendly, non-chemical systems in North America. The site operates on biological purification, relying on a variety of plant species within the cells, and filtering into adjacent wetlands and tree lots to completely purify the waste. 

For further information please refer to the Sanitary Sewer Bylaw

Please report any safety issues or hazards to the Village of McBride at
or call 250-569-2229

Snow Removal in McBride

For detailed information click here:
Snow and Ice Control see Policy PW-01.2


1st Priority after a Snow Event

Designated downtown Area

  1. Main Street – Including Fire Hall
  2. Main Street – 5th Avenue – Hospital Route
  3. Main Street – 2nd Avenue – School Route
  4. Main Street – 3rd Avenue – School Route

2nd Priority after a Snow Event

Secondary/Collector Routes – CN Station 1st Avenue and Truck Route

3rd Priority after a Snow Event

  • Robson Centre
  • Frontage Roads
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Residential Areas
  • Transfer Station
  • Commercial Lanes
  • Lanes
  • Other public spaces, as time and resources permit

During a Snow Event, snow clearing will continue to be repeated on the highest priorities until completed before moving on to the next priority. This may result in higher accumulations in the lower priority areas.

Sidewalks will receive ice control, as conditions dictate and/or as directed by Public Works, by applying road sand, lava rock or de-icers.

Sidewalk Snow Clearing Priorities:

  1. Main Street
  2. 5th Avenue – Main St. to Hospital on Beaverview Lodge side
  3. Robson Centre
  4. Sidewalks adjacent to the Elementary School are cleared to the school bus unloading area
  5. Sidewalks adjacent to Churches are cleared when time allows

Sanding will be done on an as required basis, as directed by the Public Works, and prioritized the same as snowplowing.

*Please be reminded that during snow events, there is NO PARKING on Main Street from 4:00 AM – 8:00 AM.

Village of McBride – 100 Robson Centre – 250-569-2229
After Hours Emergency Public Works – 250-569-7743


BC Hydro supplies electric power to the Robson Valley. BC Hydro has three back-up diesel generators that create reliable, consistent power to residents and businesses in and near McBride.

BC Hydro

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