McBride Cemetery

The McBride Cemetery is located on Airport Road just before the Charlie Leake Airport. 

Interment options include traditional burials for both full-casket and cremated remains. There is a memorial stone located at the Cemetery where the public may have plaques placed in memory of loved ones. 

For all of your cemetery-related inquiries please contact the Village of McBride at 250-569-2229.


  • Interments are to be scheduled from Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 3:30pm. Those scheduled after hours or on weekends or holidays are subject to additional fees.
  • A standard grave space will accommodate:
    1. One standard casket
    2. One standard casket and one cremation inurnment
    3. One standard casket and two cremation inurnments
    4. One standard coffin and three cremation inurnments
    5. One standard coffin and four cremation inurnments
    6. Six cremation inurnments
  • A cremation plot will accommodate:
    2 inurnments (cremated remains).

All fees associated with an interment in the Cemetery are due prior to the interment taking place.

To arrange an interment in the McBride Cemetery, please contact the Village of McBride at 250-569-2229.

Cemetery Information Sheet

Cemetery Use Permit  


  • Memorial markers in the form of flat markers are permitted. Curbs and upright memorials shall not be permitted in accordance with McBride Cemetery Bylaw 760, 2015 Schedule “C” which shows placement, base design, and maximum sizes.
  • No grave space shall be defined by a fence, railing, coping, hedge or any other marking.
  • More than one memorial is permitted on a grave plot, subject to the requirements of Schedule “C” McBride Cemetery Bylaw 760, 2015.

McBride Cemetery Bylaw 760, 2015
Cemetery Use Permit


  • A memorial plaque may be purchased through and installed by the Village on the memorial stone located at the McBride Cemetery.
  • All memorial plaques to be placed in the Cemetery will comply with Village of McBride Cemetery Bylaw No. 760, 2015.

To arrange for the placement of a memorial wall plaque in the McBride Cemetery, please contact the Village of McBride at 250-569-2229

Memorial Plaque Form

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