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December 16, 2021

During the December 14, 2021 Meeting, Council adopted the Village of McBride Main Street and Downtown Revitalization Plan. The Village would like to thank the Community Revitalization and Beautification Committee and members of the public for their participation in developing the plan. This community-driven Plan will act as a road map for future grant applications for capital improvement projects on Main Street and the downtown area.

View the Village of McBride Main Street and Downtown Revitalization Plan HERE.

Large file for download available here.

November 9, 2021

Community Engagement Survey - Now Closed

Thank you for taking time to fill out the community survey regarding Downtown Revitalization Plan Concept.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

October 18, 2021

Community Engagement - Now Live!

The Village of McBride is working to create a healthy and economically vibrant Main Street and downtown area for businesses, residents and tourists.

You can find a draft concept plan below (and at the link). Please take some time to review the three focus areas and help us identify where to direct future grant finding applications. Please "vote" electronically at the link below or on paper at the Village office or the McBride Library.

VOMdowntown-finalboards_v4 FINAL edit Oct 22_Page_1

October 5, 2021

What's next? - Community Engagement!

The Village of McBride's Community Revitalization and Beautification Committee has been working closely with EcoPlan consultants on the development of a draft concept plan for downtown. The draft plan incorporates ideas and suggestions submitted by the public during the summer through IdeaShare.

On October 18, 2021, the Village will launch the Community Engagement portion of the project! You will be able to view design boards for three main focus areas in McBride and prioritize them for future grant funded projects. The design boards will be available for viewing online and at the McBride Library.

Stay tuned for more details.

July 5-6, 2021 - walking tour and consultation

What We Heard

Read the summary report on What We Heard .

Some information from the summary repot:

The following includes what we heard in the walk, workshop and meetings with the:

  • Downtown Beautification Committee;
  • Mayor and Council;
  • Village Staff, and;
  • Stakeholders.

General outcomes - Hopes for the downtown area planning process:

  • ·         Helps stimulate a more vibrant area to go (activities, music, attracts young people, families, etc.)
  • ·         Speaks to and/or connects with the natural beauty of the area (context)
  • ·         Supports additional amenities (for families)
  • ·         Utilizes and engages residents to help make it happen (builds on the volunteer spirit of the community)
  • ·         Stimulates business opportunities (entrepreneurs or outside businesses to locate in McBride) and supports tourists (in all seasons)
  • ·         Builds McBrides identity (as a place to be, stop or good place to move to, in particular for young families)
  • ·         Links to the outdoor recreation scene in the area (trails, mnt bikers, sledders, etc.)
  • ·         Accommodates the aging population, encourages this population to stay active
  • ·         Increases the walkability of the Village
  • ·         Unifies the downtown (continuity of elements in the downtown, ties things together)

Key Ideas:

Chevron site 

  • ·         landscape the site
  • ·         park area/dog park
  • ·         antique/museum installation with landscaping
  • ·         fence covering

Build on the heart of downtown (train station & park)

  • ·         Relocate and re-design of the pavilion in Steve Kolida Park
  • ·         Train station front patio deck (remove parking) capture the views
  • ·         Renovation/infrastructure updates to the train station
  • ·         Public washroom facilities and a small outdoor kitchen in Steve Kolida Park (associated with the pavilion?)
  • ·         Splash park for kids
  • ·         Ball diamond bleachers upgrade
  • ·         Lighting between 2nd and 1st along Main St., winter lighting

Update downtown infrastructure and amenity

  • ·         Increase shade trees/trees in general (selection of species to suit climate and soil in McBride – i.e. birch and cedar)
  • ·         Repaint the crosswalks
  • ·         Add a rainbow crosswalk
  • ·         Hanging baskets
  • ·         Street lights
  • ·         Infrastructure to accommodate events (power for lights, etc.)
  • ·         Work with the elementary school on the main street frontage
  • ·         Bike stands and parking around the train station
  • ·         Benches

Facilitate new business and services - incentives or policy/planning changes 

  • ·         Advertise the NDI Trust grant opportunities for façade improvements to existing businesses
  • ·         Grocery store – expansion in the downtown (2nd and Main)
  • ·         Daycare needed (none in town)
  • ·         Food trucks
  • ·         Temporary use of vacant lots
  • ·         Additional staff time/resources (part time or seasonal) required
  • ·         Airbnb issues
  • ·         RV park at the pub
  • ·         Village owned properties


  • ·         There are several ways to arrive in the downtown, highway, 1st and train station
  • ·         A second “heart” of downtown at the museum/archives
  • ·         Connections to trail systems and current walking paths are important (Dominion Creek Trail and Village Loop)
  • ·         Parking in the downtown is not at capacity and removal, or shifting parking is possible
  • ·         Village owns several properties in the downtown (along 2nd Ave)
  • ·         An all season downtown, and in particular a long winter
  • ·         Are there opportunities to use alley ways
  • ·         Aging infrastructure
  • ·         Funding sources to keep in mind
  • ·         Lack of Village staff capacity
  • ·         Accessible design (aging population)
  • ·         Sewer/sanity and water possible 
  • ·         Focus on main street and not the frontage road

Downtown Programming Opportunities (to build on, or create)

  • ·         Friday markets at the pavilion in Steve Kolida park
  • ·         Community garden
  • ·         Special events (pioneer days, ball tournaments, graduation, Halloween, Elks events, summer theatre events, library high tea, etc.)
  • ·         Sani station and EV charging for vehicles
  • ·         Local artists work
  • ·         History/museum and archives – existing plaques, pictures
  • ·         Uncle Marks Meat Shop – RV Harvest Building Roth Family)
  • ·         Art crawl
  • ·         Lilacs & hummingbirds
  • ·         Garden tours
  • ·         Farmers market institute
  • ·         Whistle Stop Gallery (non-profit society) and Beanery business 
  • ·         Jam sessions on the patio at the train station
  • ·         Artist spaces at the train station (second floor)
  • ·         Church adjacent to ball field is actively engaged and supportive of the community
  • ·         Adopt a planter program

Criteria for Assessment (incomplete)

  • ·         Continuity and unified downtown
  • ·         Walkability
  • ·         Attracting tourism/visitors
  • ·         Inviting/use for residents (families)
  • ·         Safety
  • ·         Amenity

June 28, 2021 - We want to hear from you!

What's your vision for Main Street?

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for improvements to Main Street and downtown on IdeaShare. These ideas have been incorporated into the draft plan.

Submit your ideas online here: 

If you would like to submit your ideas on paper, you can pick up an idea slip at the Village of McBride office at 100 Robson Centre or download one HERE.


June 17, 2021 - McBride Downtown Revitalization Planning Project launches!

Village of McBride – Let’s Go! Main Street and Downtown

The Village of McBride is looking for YOUR IDEAS on how to create a healthy and economically vibrant Main Street and downtown area for businesses, residents and tourists!

What’s happening? 
The Village of McBride is launching the Downtown Revitalization Planning Project. The Village is working with consultant EcoPlan International to create a concept plan with “ready to design” projects and actions that support a healthy and economically vibrant Main Street and Downtown area for businesses, residents and tourists. 

A key part of the process involves engagement with the McBride Community Revitalization and Beautification Committee of Council and gathering ideas and input of residents and business owners. The ideas you share will help the Village of McBride gather, organize and implement ways to improve your downtown.

The Village of McBride is looking for YOUR IDEAS on how to create a healthy and economically vibrant Main Street and downtown area for businesses, residents and tourists!

Click on the link below and brainstorm new ideas with us! Enter and submit as many ideas as you want. Review other ideas and rank your favourites. Note: this site does not require you to register to participate. Your ideas are anonymous. 

Submit your ideas online here: 

If you would like to submit your ideas on paper, you can pick up an idea slip at the Village of McBride office at 100 Robson Centre or download one HERE.

Please bring completed idea slips to the Village office.

We encourage all residents and businesses in the Robson Valley to share their ideas.

The project is made possible with support from Northern Development Initiative Trust.

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