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Village of McBride - Request for Quotes - Asset Management Program Implementation Project

Nov 3, 2021

Corporation of the Village of McBride

Asset Management Program Implementation Project

Request for Quotes - 1.2021



Project Description: 

The Village of McBride Asset Management Assessment and Asset Management Plan identifies key next steps for improving asset management capacity in the municipality. These two recommended short-term actions encompass the Asset Management Program Implementation Project which will move the Village of McBride from Level 1 or 2 to Level 2 or 3 in many of the Asset Management Readiness Scale focus areas.

Project activities:

Project activities include: 

a) Compiling base asset information
b) Creating a dynamic (updatable upon new asset information) component-based 35-year capital replacement plan (using an excel-based system) for the following critical assets: water system; drainage; roads; and community buildings

Development of maintenance tracking system by asset component that includes tasks and schedules to extend lives of assets for the following critical assets: water system; wastewater system; drainage; roads; and community buildings using an excel-based system.

Collection and consolidation of fixed asset data into a 35-year capital replacement plan will allow the Village to begin implementing it’s Asset Management Policy (AD - 18 Asset Management Policy), while also linking asset management data to long-term financial planning.


1.      a) Compile base asset information

The organizing of base data the Village currently holds is a critical next step in the Village of McBride Asset Management Plan and will serve as the base to compile asset value, condition and capital planning information to support capital replacement plan.

b) Develop 35-Year Capital Replacement Plan (using an Excel-based system)

    • PDF copy of sample printouts of excel-based 35-year capital replacement plan spreadsheet.
    • PDF copy of 35-year capital replacement plan and summary of condition, age, remaining life, and replacement cost by asset class
    • Training attendance record and copy of training materials
    • Presentation materials from presentation to Council at end of project.

2.      Development of Maintenance Tracking System

  • PDF copy of sample printouts of excel-based Maintenance Tracking System spreadsheet
  • Training attendance record and training material

The maintenance tracking system component of the project will see the development of a comprehensive maintenance tracking tool that will act as a schedule to clearly communicate inspection, operations, maintenance, reporting and data collection tasks and who should be responsible for these duties. This schedule will increase asset management capacity at the Village by improving Public Works Department operations and maintenance practices. The schedule will help to extend the lives of certain assets and help to identify problems before they require emergency repair or replacement. The schedule will also allow the Public Works Department to see which assets require the most maintenance and identify staffing gap. The training component of this task will allow the Village to mitigate the risk of looking for information only held by a few staff.

Project Team:

The Project will be co-led by the Chief Financial Officer and Public Works Operations Manager, with support from the Chief Administrative Officer. These three senior managers have over 20 years of asset management experience between them. The Project includes staff engagement with the Public Works Department: Foreman, Lead Hand and 2 other crew members. As water and sewer operators, Public Works staff hold historical data as well as current operational expertise for water and wastewater operations, inspection, maintenance, and improvements, as well as intimate knowledge of facilities and infrastructure. Public Works employees hold important and historical information regarding Village assets that will be captured and recorded in all Project activities. The consultants will work with administrative staff to capture historical asset data and conduct training.

RFQ Details:

  • Maximum project costs $50,000 (as per grant)
  • Project must be completed by July 2022
  • Contractors are required to provide proof of insurance and WCB coverage

Quotes must be received at the Village office no later than 4:00pm, Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Email to, or mail/drop off at office: Village of McBride, 100 Robson Centre, 855 SW Frontage Rd., PO Box 519, McBride BC V0J2E0.

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