Nov 9, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccination - Additional Information for all Health Care Workers, Contractors, Vendors, Consultants and Suppliers of Northern Health Authority November 8, 2021

November 8, 2021

TO: All contractors, vendors, consultants and suppliers of Northern Health Authority

Please find below additional information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination for all health care workers following the memo of October 22nd, 2021.

This information provides further clarity regarding vaccine requirements of contractors, suppliers, vendors and consultants.

The following contractors, consultants, vendors and suppliers are covered by the Hospital and Community Vaccine Mandate, i.e. must by fully vaccinated to provide health care and services*.

a. Contractors that regularly (defined as at least once a month) provide care or services in a care location* are included in the vaccine mandate and need to be vaccinated, including:

o Contractors that provide care or service in areas where patients/residents/healthcare providers are present, (e.g., dietary, kitchen, housekeeping or maintenance services and or administrative or managerial services).

o Contractors who come into a care location regularly (defined as at least once a month), e.g. for regular operations and maintenance activities.

o Clinical contractors as they provide health care and services. It is the responsibility of the operational leaders and medical staff leaders in each program / service area to communicate the requirements of the vaccine mandate. It is also the responsibility of operational and medical staff leaders to check and track status.

The following contractors, consultants, vendors and suppliers are not covered by, or are exempt from, the Hospital and Community Vaccine Mandate,

a. Contractors working in a location outside B.C. do not fall under the vaccine mandate. In addition, contractors that work in a care location occasionally (defined as less than once a month) are not covered by the vaccine mandate.

b. contractors who work remotely within B.C. (i.e. not in a care location) and who do not regularly (defined as at least once a month) work inside or outside of a care location, are not covered by the vaccine mandate.

c. Contractors who come into our sites on a one-time basis (unplanned, irregular repairs and emergency responses e.g. to fix a boiler or clean up a flood). This includes contractors who predominantly work outside or are occasional providers and those who enter the property but do not enter the care location (i.e. parking lot maintenance, snow clearing, landscaping services). Every effort should be made to keep these contractors separate from patients and health care workers (HCW), they need to be masked, maintain distance, etc.

d. Construction workers who are working in a location that is entirely separate from patients/residents/healthcare providers. These workers should not have to go into buildings where patients and HCW are present. This covers any major building or infrastructure projects, new builds or renovations.

It is our expectation that each vendor, supplier, contractor and consultant will take the necessary steps to ensure that all their staff entering any health authority facility are fully immunized according to the criteria outlined above and the timelines noted in the Order. If you cannot comply please contact your business owner today.

Please be prepared to share proof of vaccination, or requests for exemption, for all staff when requested. Some health authorities are requesting signed declarations from vendors in advance, but this is not the case province-wide.

Questions can be directed here: You can read the order here and learn more about medical exemption here.

With thanks,

Antonia Crossan
Regional Manager, Contract Policy & Development

*As defined in the order

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